214-241-6855 from Ennis, Texas.

(214 241 6855 . 2142416855)

Important Details & Caller Information (Caller Name):

Country: U.S.A.
State: Texas
City: Ennis

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Website News stories are the top way to get information about frauds and scams for the majority of people surveyed.

News and Comments:

Didn’t engage with a scam offer, Nearly half the people surveyed said they had ignored emails, thrown away mailers, and deleted friend requests. They had also hung up on bogus tax and debt collection calls, and imposter phishing scams.

Phone Company: 1stel, Regular Landline

Some people who are caught up in scams are helped by store cashiers, bank tellers, or wire transfer employees who talk them out of sending money.

Area code: 214
Subcode: 214-241